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68564 CR 388

South Haven, MI

* Medication administered if needed.

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* Add-On Excursions and Grooming Options.

 Deluxe Suites $35


* 5-6 Indoor & Outdoor Playtimes

Television Room $40

Welcome...  Upon check-in each guest will be escorted to their own personal suite.  Complete with fresh bedding, relaxing music, and beverage.  Shortly, thereafter, temperment testing will be performed and your pet will be placed with a group of playmates.


A $15 fee will be added to account if pick up is after 1 p.m.(week days) 

*Prearranged- Emergency After-Hour Drop-off or Pick-Ups: $50

Cat Boarding $20

  • Taking Chances2:24

* Late night potty & playtime group.  Stretching of  legs and last romp with friends.  A fresh bowl of water/food to recharge for the next day of play.

Standard Boarding:$30